Mykhailo Hrushevsky : the politics of national culture (1987) Prymak Thomas M.
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Prymak Thomas Michael

Mykhailo Hrushevsky : the politics of national culture / Thomas M. Prymak. – Toronto; Buffalo; London: University of Toronto Press, 1987. – XLIV, 323 p..

Summary (1987)

Ukraine's foremost historian and one of its most prominent national leaders, Mykhailo Hrushevsky was at the turn of the century a leading figure in the transformation of the Ukrainian national revival into a major political movement. His pivotal role in Ukraine's drive toward national autonomy earned him both the admiration of his countrymen and the vilification of his critics.

The first scholarly biography of Hrushevsky, Thomas Prymak's study focuses on three major periods in the historian's life and in Ukraine's modern history. The first, from 1894 to 1917, was one of intensive scholarly and community activity for Hrushevsky and the advancement of his notion of federalism. The second, from 1917 to 1924, features Hrushevsky in the principal role in the Ukrainian revolution, and ends with his promotion of the Ukrainian cause abroad. The third period deals with his controversial return home to Soviet Ukraine, his uneasy yet productive relations with the regime whose ideology he steadfastly refused to endorse, and his mysterious death in 1934.

Hrushevsky is still a target of attacks by the Soviet government. This biography presents a balanced and judicious evaluation of a figure who remains a villain in the eyes of the Kremlin and a hero to Ukrainian emigres.

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  1. Acknowledgments. - С. ІХ
  2. Abbreviations. - С. Х
  3. Illustrations. - С. XI–XLIV
  4. Introduction. - С. 3–10
  5. Youth and Education 1866–1894. - С. 11–28
  6. The Young Professor 1894–1897. - С. 29–44
  7. Galician Piedmont 1897–1905. - С. 45–69
  8. The Shift Back to Kiev 1905–1914. - С. 70–92
  9. The Shift Continues 1905–1917. - С. 93–124
  10. The Struggle for a Ukrainian State 1917–1918. - С. 125–151
  11. The Ukrainian People’s Republic 1918. - С. 152–179
  12. The Liberation Struggle at Home and Abroad 1918–1924. - С. 180–207
  13. The All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (VUAN) 1924–1927. - С. 208–226
  14. The Party Attacks 1928–1930. - С. 227–246
  15. Last Years and Death 1931–1934. - С. 247–262
  16. Conclusion. - С. 263–268
  17. Appendix A. The Fate of the Hrushevsky Family. - С. 269–270
  18. Appendix B. The Fate of Hrushevsky’s School and of His Colleagues from the Ukrainian Academy (Some Examples). - С. 271–273
  19. Appendix C. The Hrushevsky Legend in the Soviet Union 1934 to the Present. - С. 274–278
  20. Bibliography. - С. 279–304
  21. Index. - С. 305–323

Prymak, Thomas Michael (Примак Т.)


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