Gathering a Heritage : Ukrainian, Slavonic, and Ethnic Canada and the USA (2015) Prymak Thomas M.
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Prymak Thomas Michael

Gathering a Heritage : Ukrainian, Slavonic, and Ethnic Canada and the USA / Thomas M. Prymak. – Toronto; Buffalo; London: University of Toronto Press, 2015. – XIV, 364 р.. – ISBN 978-1-4426-4635-3 (cloth). – 978-1-4426-1438-3 (paper).

Since the 1970s and 1980s, the study of immigration and ethnicity has grown to become an essential aspect of North American history. In Gathering a Heritage, Thomas M. Prymak uses the essays and articles he has written over the past thirty years as a historian of Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian history to reflect on the evolution of ethnic studies in Canada and the United States.

The essays included in this book explore the history of Ukrainian and Slavonic immigration to North America and the literature through which these communities and their historians have sought to recapture their past. Each previously published essay is revised and expanded and several more appear here for the first time - including the fascinating story of French Canadian writer Gabrielle Roy's connections with Ukrainian Canadians and her tumultuous affair with a Ukrainian Canadian nationalist in pre-war London.

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  1. Preface. - С. IX–XII
  2. Acknowledgments. - С. XIII–XIV
  3. Introduction. - С. 3–19

  4. Emigration Studies
  5. 1) The Great Migration: East-Central Europe to the Americas in the Literatures of the Slavs: Some Examples. - С. 23–37
  6. 2) A Little-Known Book from the Late Soviet Period on the Economic Emigration from Imperial Russia to Western Europe and North America, 1880-1914. - С. 38–47
  7. 3) Ivan Franko and Large-Scale Ukrainian Economic Emigration to Canada before 1914. - С. 48–60
  8. 4) A Polish Scholar on Polyethnic Emigration from the Republic of Poland to Canada between the Wars. - С. 61–75

  9. History, Historians, and Others
  10. 5) Dmytro Doroshenko and Canada. - С. 79–99
  11. 6) General Histories of Ukraine Published in English during the Second World War: Canada, the United States, and Britain. - С. 100–118
  12. 7) George W. Simpson, the Ukrainian Canadians, and the "Prehistory” of Slavic Studies in Canada. - С. 119–132
  13. 8) The Post-Secondary Teaching of Ukrainian History in Canada:. - С. 133–143
  14. 9) Ukrainian Scholarship in the West during the "Long Cold War”. - С. 144–156
  15. 10) Lubomyr Wynar and the Ukrainian Historical Association in the United States and Canada. - С. 157–168
  16. 11) In the Shadow of a Political Assassination: Gabrielle Roy’s "Stephen” and the Ukrainian Canadians. - С. 169–190

  17. Library Studies and Reference Works
  18. 12) Inveterate Voyager: J. B. Rudnyckyj on Ukrainian Culture, Books, and Libraries in the West during the "Long Cold War”. - С. 193–213
  19. 13) Scholarship on Mykhailo Hrushevsky during the Early 1980s: Ukrainian Books and Libraries in Canada and the United States. - С. 214–232
  20. 14) Ukrainian Canada in the Encyclopedias, 1897-2010:. - С. 233–261

  21. Concluding Thoughts
  22. 15) Ukrainian Canadians and Ukrainian Americans: Some Reflections and Comparisons. - С. 265–278

  23. Appendix: Publishing Histories. - С. 281–282
    Notes. - С. 283–350
    Index. - С. 351–364

Prymak, Thomas Michael (Примак Т.)


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